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Website launched

We’re extremely proud to launch our new website, Be sure to check back for all the latest news about Field Cuisine and the fresh food industry.

Why invest in fresh – cut vegetables?

Field Cuisine has become one of the leading manufacturers of processed vegetables to food service and food manufacturing in Queensland.

The benefits of using our processed vegetables

Over the last year Queensland has suffered  extreme weather conditions, which in turn has affected the cost of materials and produce.  Field Cuisine’s processed vegetables can deliver a more stable cost structure to aid with budgeting and general forecasting.  Other benefits include:

  • Full H.A.C.C.P accreditation
  • Products are safe and of high quality
  • No waste
  • Lower labour cost
  • Ability to forecast usage due to portion control
  • Guaranteed supply and service

Field Cuisine’s uniqueness stems from the ability to produce a broad range of products to suit our customer’s needs.  One of our true strengths is the ability to produce volumes in house ranging from 1kg to whatever is required.  Call us today to discuss your requirements.